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During these 20 years......
I have been in Tucson all these years. I have a B.S. in Business, graduated from the University of Arizona in 1991. I have been working in the community of Tucson for 18 years in prevention...
Last Post: Nov 2nd 2007
Author: amador
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I was a freshman when y'all were seniors
And I KNOW some of you remember me...Denise Moreno. I just wanted to CONGRATS y'all on making it 20 YEARS and that I am glad to see that you are doing great! From your "freshman" to my "Seniors"...
Last Post: Sep 21st 2006
Author: Classof89
# of posts: 1
I've Been Out Of Town
I move to Texas and live there 5 years, then I moved to Alabama, I work for The State Of Alabama, Married for 13 years, have 2 boys ages 11 and 10 years old. I just recently lost my Mom. But hanging...
Last Post: Sep 8th 2006
Author: Alabama
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