1) Who was your favorite male teacher at Pueblo?
Mr. Barraza - Social Studies
Mr. Hess - Science
Mr. O'Rourke - Social Studies
Mr. Montgomery - English
Mr. Hitchcock- Science
Mr. Preston - P.E.
2) Who was your favorite female teacher at Pueblo?
Ms. Bettes - Drama
Ms. Myers - English
Ms. Dye - English/Journalism
Ms. Gibson/Pfeuffer - English
Ms. Finley - Social Studies
Ms. Wong - P.E.

3) Where was your favorite lunch time location?
Pistol Pete's Pizza
The Burger Barn
Dairy Queen
The new patio of course...it's bitchen!
Anywhere off campus! Hasta la vista!
Making out behind the bleachers of course!
4) What was the name of our foreign exchange student from Hong Kong?
Long Duck Dong
William Hung
Jackie Chan
Kwan Chan
Chow Young Fat
Bruce Lee