Hello Classmates!

We've gotten such great response back from the Reunion Celebration Weekend that I thought I would make up a page so everyone can see how much we all loved getting the old gang back together again!

You guys kicked some ass!  Thanks for your hard work!.

~Orlando Sotelo

Just wanted to say Thanks to everyone for the most memorable weekend!!!  For those of you unable to make it...you missed the best reunion there ever could be!!  Hope to see you all at the next one :)  Again...a special Thanks to the committee...it took much time, effort and dedication...you all are the BEST!!!  Can't wait for the next one :)
~Kelli Smith-Romero

Thank you for an amazing weekend!  I love our Class of 86 and felt more closer than ever, I felt family in my heart and I know now that class of 86 will never be apart.  It was like a dream and I was actually dreaming about it last night.  It was very beautiful.

~Ana Lilia Amador

I just had to say it one more time, THANK YOU!  I know the committee as a whole did a lot of work, but you guys made it what it was, and that was beyond words. Your hard work paid off abundantly for a lot of people.  Pueblo is not known to be a very "prestigious" school, but I could make quite an argument that there is not another group of people like our class of 1986.  It was great, spirited, touching, special, inspiring, nostalgic, and down right fun!  A great time for all.  Thanks again for all your hard work!  I hope you can enjoy your "normal" lives again, ha, ha.

~Frances MJ Bracamonte