Fellow Classmates,

In this section of our website we would like to honor those classmates who have passed away.  If anyone has any information on alumni who have passed away within the last 22 years please send us their name and the year of death.  We appreciate it!

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35 years young, of Tucson, was called home by our Lord on July 3rd, 2004. John was survived by his beloved wife, Hannah; his beloved children, Joshua, Jeremy and Rebecca; mother, Francis Hunt and father, Jack; brother, Jimmy and sister, Sally; also nieces, nephews and extended family members and friends.

Visitation was held on Saturday, July 10, 2004 at MARTINEZ FUNERAL CHAPELS, 2580 S. 6th Ave. and his burial was held at a later date.

"We will truly miss John's way of making us laugh and always keeping our spirits high. He was a hard and determined worker and a good provider. Now he's home resting!!!!"  


My uncle Ronald passed away in May of 2005 from a debilitating illness that he tried to fight for several years. Ronnie was like my brother growing up and we shared many great memories together some I will never forget. When we were 9 and having a slingshot war on Aviation Street he almost took out my right eye... Yeah, that was a very vivid moment in my childhood I won't forget (har har har :) Another memory I still tell to this day is how we used to be terrified of Mr.. Higgins the neighbor next-door! We thought he would kidnap little kids, torture them and lock them up in his storage shed! Despite our fear of the unknown we still threw pebbles at his window anyway and he came outside yelling and chasing us! I think we could've qualified for the Olympics we ran so fast!

Ronald was different in that he was quiet but only until you got to know him and he wasn't one for the "clicky" social scene. He had a major crush on Miss Bicknell ( who didn't?) His best friend was Fernando Montano they both attended Wakefield Jr. High. Ronald had alot of friends that were really good and some not so good and you know who you are. Ronnie saw the good in so many people and always tried to help those that needed help. He was so funny he even tried to convince me to join the KISS ARMY and often we used to sit in his storage shed and read the hundreds of comic books that he collected. Ron always said I was a sissy because I loved the Archie comics and not the Marvel comics!! 

We used to share so many funny stories and do the crazy things that most kids do growing up.... Crank calls, pranks etc....... Ronald left behind 2 beautiful children, a daughter Crystal and a son Anthony. Ronald's sisters Pat and Diane say that when his son Anthony plays with my daughter Riannon it reminds them of me and Ronald playing when we were little kids. Now when our children play together I really can see such a sweet innocent resemblance that sends me on a nostalgic flashback to our long gone childhood. Those are the memories that will keep Ronald alive with his family and friends forever. Miss you a bunch Ronald! See you on the other side...Lori Fimbres



The upcoming reunion will be bittersweet for me since October 17th will mark the 20th anniversary of Claudia's death.  It is still difficult to accept that my sister has been gone for 20 years. Many of you probably thought we were twins, but we weren’t.  We were born fourteen months apart.

Claudia and I were always in the same grade and did everything together. She loved playing tennis at Pueblo and spending time with our friends in the Traditions Committee club.  She was very shy, but sweet.  She did have her wild moments though.  I will never forget the time she and our friend Leticia Jimenez got out of the car and started dancing to “Rhythm Of The Night” at a stop sign!

After graduating from Pueblo, Claudia enrolled at the U of A and decided to pursue a career in civil engineering.  At the U of A, she met the love of her life — Juan Caballero. He captured her heart with his funny, witty and outgoing personality.  She was so happy in the short time they were together.   As they say, opposites do attract.

Unfortunately, she died in a motorcyle accident a few months later.  Her life may have been short, but her kindness touched many people's lives.  After her death, a friend said that the stars stopped shining as brightly. I can’t help but think how our lives would have been had she not died.  But I guess I must be grateful for the time we shared together.    She was my sister and my best friend.  I hope you will never forget the beautiful, giving person she was.  I know I never will….Paula

Aurora Susana Aguayo

Ernesto Sotelo

Richard Arvizu